Lakpa Sherpa



Student & Programmer.

  • Languages English, Nepali, Hindi, Sherpa
  • Interest Machine Learning, Software Depelopment, and Business analysis
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I am an ambitious and driven computer science student at Washington and Lee University with a passion for software engineering and creating innovative solutions. As the recipient of a full scholarship, I have been able to fully immerse myself in W&L's rigorous academic environment and excel, making the President's List each year. I bring a global perspective shaped by my experiences studying on a full scholarship at Pearson College UWC in Canada, where I broadened my worldview and strengthened my intercultural communication abilities. Through my education and experiences, I have developed strong technical skills in programming languages like Python, Java, and JavaScript, along with interest and developing knowledge in AI/machine learning and full-stack development. My background in IT support and leading a Computer Science club have honed my problem-solving skills and drive to build innovative products. With my strong technical abilities, leadership experience, and passion for developing creative solutions, I am excited to apply my diverse skills and experiences to make meaningful contributions as a software engineer.


  • JavaScript
  • CSS
  • MySQL
  • Overleaf
  • RStudio
  • Java
  • Proficient

  • Python
  • Java
  • Swift
  • R
  • HTML
  • Visual Studio Code
  • NetBeans
  • Git
  • GitHub
  • WEKA
  • Jupyter notebooks
  • Resume

    You can Find my latest Resume here: latest CV


    Bachelor of Science


    Washington and Lee University, Lexington, Virginia

    Computer Science

    International Baccalaureate


    Pearson College UWC, Victoria, BC, Canada

    High School

    Professional Experience

    STEM IT Assistant

    2021 - Present

    Washington and Lee University, Computer Science Department, Lexington, Virginia, US

    • Assemble Computer hardware for various science projects and image newly purchased computers regularly
    • Installed patch files for log4j vulnerability on different lab machines to prevent remote security threat
    • Used Deep Freeze software to freeze computers across the STEM departments after the installation of new software
    • Installed software such as R Studio, Microsoft Office package, and PASCO Capstone to meet the needs of different departments
    • Benchmarked more than 70+ computers hardware for reuse purpose

    Summer Research Scholar

    Summer 2022

    Washington and Lee University, Lexington, Virginia, US

    • Implemented features from research papers to distinguish Bot sessions and User sessions in log session files with intention to reduce 30% of unnecessary bot traffics that every website faces today
    • Created models using R and Python to perform clustering of the web sessions
    • Implemented unsupervised machine learning algorithms such as DBSCAN and K-means to perform clustering
    • Developed a comprehensive understanding of WEKA and used it for testing various classifiers on our research data and feature selection on more than 20+ features
    • Created generic R scripts for performing statistical analysis such as script to produce Recall and Precision box plot, Jaccard Index, T-test, number of clusters in DBSCAN, and Purities
    • Learned Git and Version Control by collaborating with two professors and resolving git issues such as fast-forward, merging conflicts, stashing files, and restoring the deleted files in the local repository

    Summer Camp Leader

    Summer 2021

    Pearson College UWC, Victoria, Canada

    • Organized cultural activities from Nepal, Ukraine, South Sudan, Peru, and Canada for 500+ children of age 6-14
    • Led computer assembling and disassembling workshop with reusable PC for children ages 12-14 to help them discover if they enjoy playing with computer hardware
    • Administered children’s safety during kayaking, swimming, and outdoor activities
    • Identified conflicts related to bullying, discrimination, and physical contact between children and resolved them based on Camp policies


    I have worked on few projects and some are ongoing. I am open to work, internship, new ideas, and opportunities in general. If you are interested in working together, happy to collaborate.

    • All

    Nilo (IOS/Swift)

    Picasso (Java)

    Connect-Four (Python)

    Digit Recognition (Supervised machine learning)


    I am currently pursuing undergraduate degree at Washinton and Lee University. You can reach me via email.


    204 W Washington Street, Lexington, Virginia